ocean conservation.

We're learning that...

little changes make a big impact on our environment. Lots of people doing small things, creates a big wave of change. We're big believers in taking care of this beautiful earth we've been given a space to live in for a short period of time. She gives us food to eat, tools for living, and helps our spirits to feel rejuvenated, calm, and still. It's only right that we should treat the earth and other creatures with the respect they deserve and give back what we can.



Everyone has their own journey

We've both always loved the ocean. She gives us feelings of peace and excitement. Mik has always loved sharks and marine life. She would  stare at them whenever she had the chance and would watch all the educational tv programs growing up.

It wasn't until Mik saw a video from One Ocean Diving about shark population declines and shark finning, that a fire lit under her to not only help protect sharks, but all marine life and our precious ocean.

She brought Stan with her on a shark dive in Hawaii so he could experience these animals up close as well. It was a breathtaking experience and we both have such a deep love for these amazing creatures.

There are so many issues that need attention when it comes to ocean conservation, but for us, we choose to focus on what we're most passionate about, which is shark finning, general misunderstanding about them, and ocean poaching.



Beach Dweller. Adventurer. Interior Designer. Creative.

Usually somewhere on a beach, petting a dog, munching on some popcorn, and making dumb jokes.

Jesus, my family and friends are most important to my heart. I'm a helper/peacemaker/achiever on the enneagram and will be your friend for life.

I love animals, exploring new places, learning new things, belly laughs, binging good tv shows, and tasty food ;) I'm a big fan of sharks and ocean conservation. I think in another life I would be a marine biologist!

In 2015, I discovered I have an autoimmune called Hashimoto's, which eventually led to surgery years later, more sickness, more learning and then a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a TBI (brain injury) and a hyperactive nervous system. 2020 was a year of feeling awful, but pushing to learn all I could about what was going on in my body. In March of 2021, I started to take a turn for the better, and the healing process finally began. I'm still walking in healing, having grace for my body and mind, resting, and being mindful of living as calmly and peacefully as I can.

My health issues aren't who I am, but they have taught me patience, deepened my compassion for others, and gave me a passion for wellness. I'm an advocate now for taking care of the mind, body and spirit, and slowing down from crazy busy schedules :)




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Typically climbing a tree or boulder, eating Bojangles, and telling dad jokes.

I worked in the entertainment industry out of college, but after years of being in it, felt led to transition to something that gave me more time for my family, friends and enjoying life. I ended up working at our local church as a video editor - quite a shift! But such a good one.

I've always had an interest in travel and videography, and am thankful I get to use both in my work.

I met Mikaela the first day of college and the rest is history. It's awesome having my best friend and wife as my travel and work buddy.