Family Photos + A Pack of Coyotes

I LOVE Christmas! Taking family Christmas photos always makes me so happy.

Last year we made Kevin wear a costume, but decided not to make him be a reindeer this year. Maybe next year ;)

This year, we did our photos in our neighborhood. We thought we'd have a normal evening taking photos, but while we were over by some tall brush some ambulance sirens went off across the neighborhood. But as the siren sound disappeared we still heard something that sounded eerily like the sirens. We quickly realized there was a group of coyotes very close to us who were making the same sounds as the sirens. Poor Kevin wouldn't get closer to us and we had been so confused why until that moment! So we ran up the path pretty quickly and probably won't go back to that exact location next year, HA.

Kevin regrets everything.


Mik + Stan