Getaway House in Wimberley, Texas

This past weekend we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!

We wanted to do something special, but that was quiet, relaxing and safe. As we were looking around, we found Getaway House and saw there was one near us in Austin! We booked our trip and couldn't wait for it to come.

Now that we're home, we feel rested and rejuvenated - and a bit tired because it was a fun trip! We brought our dog, Kevin, with us too and had a blast. It really was a trip for Kevin - let's be real ;)

The morning of our trip, we got a text from Getaway House with our cabin info and a lock code for later that day. When we got to our tiny home there was a cute little set up for our pup on the table, a/c was on, and everything looked so clean and beautiful!

We brought our own food with us to cook in our tiny home, and only made a trip to the local grocery store to get some refreshing drinks when we ventured out for a little hike. They had almost everything we needed in the cabin (scissors, pots and pans, plates and cups, paper towels, knives, cork screws, and lighters for the camp fire), but we did bring our own hand soap (I have really sensitive skin/hands!). I would suggest bringing a household cleaner with you though!

What we brought with us:

- protein drinks for the mornings

- food for each meal (we made fajitas, roasted veggies, and made sandwiches for lunch!)

- snacks for throughout the day (we found these tasty oatmeal protein bites that were amazing!)

- lots of water (they have drinkable tap water, but we like having our liter bottles with us so we stay on track for our water intake!)

- diffuser and essential oils (definitely a must-have)

- hiking shoes and flip flops

- hip-leash for our dog (since dogs have to be leashed here, it makes it so much easier to walk with your dog around your waist instead of having to hold the leash while you're loading and unloading the car or walking around the campsite! We could also easily hook him up to a chair or table outside too. They do have a table-leash on site as well!)

- dog bed (even though he ended up sleeping on the bed with us every night!) and toys / food

- cooler with ice packs for our cold food (the fridge was cold enough to keep our ice packs cold for the trip back too!)

- games to play

- phone chargers (we may not have use our phones, but wanted them ready just in case!)

- extra paper towels

- a bag to put smokey clothes in (campfires can be stinky!)

- and of course our normal clothes, toiletries, and pjs!

What they had ready for us:

- bluetooth radio (for indoor music)

- playing cards

- books

- dish soap/hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash

- bath towels and wash cloths

- paper towels

- dish towels

- aluminum foil (for cooking on the campfire)

- utensils and dishware

- scissors, lighters, corkscrews

- A/C unit

- mini-fridge (no freezer)

- first aid kit

- house phone

- toilet paper

- fire wood (although ours had gotten water-logged from a rainstorm the night before, even though it's kept in a tight box, so I would recommend bringing some of your own just in case too!)

- fire starters

- s'more's with vegan marshmellows and skewers for roasting them over the fire!

- p.s. each cabin has hot water and a/c and heat, and outlets for electronics!

For our dog, they had a sweet present ready for us too!

- hand towels for dirty puppy feet

- treats

- leash hooked up to the picnic table

- water and food bowls

- poopy bags

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Mik + Stan