Happy Pits

Yes I totally titled this post happy pits. Because let's be real. Finding a good deodorant that won't kill you is not easy. It sucks. Either you smell wretched, sweat profusely, can't make it the recommended "3 weeks" to detox, your skin gets irritated, or it turns your clothes funky colors. SUCKS.

BUT. After years and years and YEARS of trying to find a good natural deodorant I finally found one I like. I recommend the unscented one, but I got lavender for the "detox" phase so it would help mask some of that stinkiness that happens during detox. It goes on easy, doesn't irritate my skin, and I only need two swipes (less is more!).

If you're planning on switching I'd make the switch now before summer kicks in full swing and the sun is blasting, because you will probably be kinda stinky in the first 3 weeks. Sorry to break it to ya.

I had a test done to measure the heavy metals in my system and aluminum was one of the highest - from all the antiperspirant deodorant I've caked on over the years. The hard truth is that we're meant to sweat. It's how our bodies flush out toxins. Unfortunately, those toxins get stuck in our bodies when we block our sweat glands. And we've also got the whole synthetic fragrances, antiperspirant, aluminum deal to worry about too. If you're a girl - which I'm betting you are since you're reading a girly blog - please please please do your research on this because our armpits are so close to "the girls" and can cause issues that are not pleasant.

If you haven't heard me say it before, get the Think Dirty app on your phone and scan your deodorant. It'll tell you how it rates on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the dirtiest) and what ingredients cause it to rate that way.

What are your favorite natural deodorants??