July 4th

It's been a strange, hard, stretching, growing, and deepening time for many of us this year. This 4th of July was much different than previous years. I wasn't sure quite how to feel this past weekend. Both Stan and I have been talking about how there's still so much to learn, and so much we didn't fully understand before. How Independence Day was an incredible day for many, but many were still not free.

We are thankful that we live in a country where people are learning to change their minds when presented with new information, to soften and open their hearts and minds, to listen more than speaking, and to care for others. There's much division, but also many coming together. There's an awful past, but we have the power to change the future.

This weekend, we had some deep conversations, unplugged and spent time just together. It was much needed for our hearts.

I also made something in the kitchen all by myself for the first time in literal months. So proud over here, ha. (If you've been following me on insta, you know my hashimoto's has been flared for quite a bit which makes it hard to stand for long periods of time - like at the kitchen counter!).

We couldn't find gluten free cake mix (and I was not about to make anything from scratch) so we got gf brownie mix instead. I layered some vanilla frosting on the top, cut up on strawberries and blueberries and stuck it in the fridge while we ate dinner.

It was SO GOOD. Such a simple thing, but it was seriously super tasty. There's this pastry place back in New Hampshire, where I used to live, called Frederick's. They have my favorite brownies in the entire world. To this day I still crave them. When I bit into this brownie I made over the weekend, it tasted so much like Frederick's and the little kid in me got SO excited! Little taste of Frederick's down in Texas.