Morning Kickstart Smoothie

Starting off the morning on the right foot is HUGE. A few things that help me feel like I can tackle anything that day are:

+ Making the bed

+ Putting on makeup (at least mascara) + Turning on the diffusers

+ Making breakfast / smoothie

+ Packing a tasty, healthy lunch for work

Here's a super simple and easy, 5 min smoothie recipe! This is great for when you don't have a lot of time, haven't been to the grocery store in a minute, or are just learning how to make smoothies!

+ Add about a cup or so of ice to the blender

+ Cut up a handful of strawberries and a banana

+ Add into blender

+ Add a handful of blueberries to blender

+ Add 1/2 cup almond or oat milk

+ Blend (we use the smoothie setting on our Blendtec!)