Big Bend, Texas National Park

....and possibly an embarrassing story about the time I had to pee on the side of a road.

Since we moved to Texas nearly four years ago we've had this crazy long running list of things we want to do. Texas is HUGE if you haven't noticed. So for this east coast girl, that takes some getting used to.

One of the top things on our list was Big Bend National Park. We LOVE national parks and anything outdoorsy. In fact, we're already planning a trip to go back and camp out overnight and do the bigger hikes, because why not?!

We did it all in a weekend and man did we end up wanting more time! Definitely going to be there longer next time! But it was the perfect amount of time to check it out and know exactly what we want to do the next time we go back.

Big Bend is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking places I've been. And it's still so crazy to me that it's in Texas!

At one point we were standing on the Rio Grande river facing Mexico and I had to have been standing there for a good 10 minutes before realizing I was about 20 feet from another country. I was just standing there, gasping at the ginormous wall of rock in front of me.

This was me when I finally figured it out **face palm**.

We also got to see these super cool markings left from Native American tribes in the area, and walked through a small formation of rocks that served as protection for a woman who was giving birth.

I couldn't believe how much history was in front of us! Gives me chills!

And of course my husband, the monkey, had to climb everything in sight ;)

We stopped in Marfa on the way back and loved it! Such a cute little town full of art and beauty.

And then for my new most embarrassing story...

On the way back we stopped at a Mexican restaurant (HELLO TACOS), and of course I drink my weight in liquids because it's HOT in the middle of the desert. So we're driving down the road in between towns and I had to stop on the side of the road and pee behind a bush. Thankfully though, by this point, there were small shrubs and some trees so cars couldn't see me - I think haha. And I'm just thankful I didn't get bitten by a snake!

We can't wait for our next trip to Big Bend! Have any of you amazing friends been?! I'd love to hear any tips you have!