New Hampshire + Maine

I always love trips back home! We got to go back to my hometown in New Hampshire for my cousin's wedding and to see family and some close friends! I was so excited. Oddly enough, it actually felt hotter there than here in Texas, ha.

We got to be there for the 4th of July and had lots of fun having a cookout with family and some pop rockets with friends later that night. We always bring out our Phillies shirts for the 4th!

We got to visit some sweet, sweet friends while they were vacationing nearby in Maine. Had some tasty lobster while we were there of course! One of the things I miss the most about New England is the seafood, for sure.

I did NOT, however, miss the FREEZING COLD water! Stan thought it would be hilarious to keep pretending like he was going to drop me in it. If I was going down, he was going down with me. We'll suffer through the numbing water together, ha.

Love love love these people. Jenna is one of my dearest friends and maid of honor in my . wedding! And now she has the most handsome little boy!

The most hilarious, fun loving, sweet, Jesus loving parents I know. So happy we could go on vaca together.

This wedding venue in New Hampshire was so beautiful! It was the most perfect day. Beautiful sunshine and not a drop of rain in sight.

Seriously can't wait to go back! Love these people and this place!

Where are your favorite places to vacation?