Anniversary #4

You know how when you see a picture from your childhood you're immediately brought back to that time? All the smells, how you felt, what was going on in your life all come flooding back?! That's why Stan and I love to do anniversary photos every year. Because it represents that time in our life and it's worth celebrating!

So when we're old and gray we can look back on these together and remember all the things we were learning, doing, and sharing together. These are so very precious to us.

This 4th year of marriage for us is a season of joy. We are celebrating so many amazing things God has done in our lives and marriage. So many victories. So much restoration. So much redemption. He has provided for us and blessed us in ways we are still so overwhelmed by. We are so undeserving and we need grace so desperately. Thankfully our Jesus lovingly washes us in grace daily. We've learned we're not perfect, and that's okay. We're two broken people learning to love each other and love God most. We've also learned that whatever comes our way, we're already claiming victory.

God is so kind.

Our favorite photographer is a local Austinite, Emilie. I love love love working with Emilie Ann Photography. She's the sweetest and does our photos every year. She's super fun to work with, shoots in film, has an awesome eye and great ideas, and leads us well but not so much it's unnatural. It's helpful enough for those of us standing in front of the camera and have absolutely no clue how it'll turn out on the other side, ha.

One of my favorite things about these pictures is all the fun we had taking them and all the little jokes that happened right before you see one of us laughing - those were true belly laughs. At one point I tried saying "I love you" in a Kermit the Frog voice and it came out entirely terrifying and Stan lost it. Worth it :)