Our Beachside Wedding in Bald Head Island, NC

Every time we talk about our wedding we get so happy. I know it was our wedding, so we're obviously biased, but it seriously was the most dreamy, best wedding we've been to in our opinions! We danced the entire time (so much so that Stan's pants actually ripped from the front to the back - thankfully it was dark by then!), had so many of our precious family and friends with us, it was beautiful weather, beachside, and was just so.much.fun.

We got married in May, 2014 on a quiet island called Bald Head on the southern coast of North Carolina. You can only get to it by a ferry out of Southport and there are zero cars on the island! Only golf carts. It's like a dream driving down the little roadways in the golf cart surrounded by a canopy of trees and the sun beams pouring through the leaves, beach breeze blowing through your hair. Could not have dreamt up a more beautiful place to get married!

We rented out two homes next two each other on the beach (one for groomsmen one for bridesmaids), right by the venue where we were getting married, and the bridal party stayed there for close to a week, along with lots of fam and friends who came in early. It was the SUCH a fun experience to have everyone there early! We got to all hang and enjoy each other, and the bridal party got to know each other better before walking down the aisle together too!

Seriously loved our wedding day so much. The marriage is so much more important and special than the wedding day, but man it holds such a special place in my heart.