Big Sur + San Fran + Monterey

We really wanted to do something special to celebrate our anniversary this year. It's a very special marker for us and it was super important to us to have some intentional, fun time together away from the routine of life - as much as we love our life in TX! Sometimes it's just so refreshing to break away from routine and explore some place new. We love traveling and have a very VERY long list of places we want to visit, but staying in the country to save some money this year was also necessary, ha ;) We're also incredibly thankful we love coming back home after a vacation because it makes it so much easier to admit that vaca is coming to an end. Kevin & Stevie (our dog & cat) are our kiddos right now so we miss them terribly when we're gone!

I had never been to California so we chose Monterey, Big Sur and San Francisco to visit this year and it did not disappoint. It was chillier than I expected from the wind coming off the coast, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

We arrived at 7:30am so we had a full day to visit San Fran. We were starving so we found this adorable breakfast place (that had gluten free toast for me!!) called Boulevard Cafe. We practically licked our plates.

Then we took a 2 hour long stroll through the San Francisco Zoo and had so much fun. The animals were really active which made it even more enjoyable to watch them.

After the zoo we decided to take a little hike down to a view point of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course my hilarious husband decided it would be funny to keep pretending to fall off the cliff side - which I did NOT find funny haha. He knows I don't love heights so he likes to tease me, which I'd probably do to him if it were the other way around so I don't blame him.

We were hungry again by this point so we stopped by Cliff House Restaurant right down the street and enjoyed the tastiest $18 cae