Trying Out Safety Razors??

For the past few months or so little things have sparked an awareness and interest for me in being more conscious about what products I'm using (outside of product ingredients that I apply to my skin or eat) - things like razors, straws, trash bags, etc. I feel God gently tugging at my heart to be a little more conscious of this.

I truly feel like there can be an unhealthy extreme with this, but my mindset right now is to be more mindful of the products I'm using, where they come from, and the kind of waste they're producing, and to slowly make little changes over time. That's the key to building any kind of new habit! Especially a big one! Slow steps over time. As an enneagram 2w3 (and my 3 is super strong), that's hard for me. I want to do all the things right now. But what I've found works best long term and when I have the most success, is when I simply commit to something (a trajectory if you will) and slowly make those little course corrections. One thing to grow daily in!

So why safety razors?

1. Zero waste

2. Reduces razor burn (YES PLEASE)

3. Closest shave

4. Costs next to nothing

5. Less trips to the store

I started looking into safety razors because of I heard they were supposed to be better for your skin and to prevent ingrown hairs (and your girl struggles with the ingrown hairs!). But also quickly found that they're way less expensive (even than disposable razors!!) and much better for workers in garbage/recycling companies and the environment overall.

Something I read while researching these was that if we want more products to be made out of sustainable, recycled materials, we need to be buying them and providing an income stream there! That's one way we as consumers can help change the course of how products are made - little by little.

"Vote with your dollars" - Whitney Morris

Here's a cost breakdown for the safety razors - this was so cool to me so I had to share this!

The EPA estimates about 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. *gasping over here*

Venus recommends that women who shave twice a week should be replacing their razors every 4-6 weeks, while women who shave daily should replace their razors every 1-2 weeks. The Venus embrace razor refills are $16.74, the disposable razors are even $7.99. The Dollar Shave Club is even $6 a month for their second-tier razor subscription.

You'll spend about $100 a year on shaving (about $5,000 total on shaving if you stop shaving at age 50!).

Meanwhile the safety razor is $32.99 (from Eco Roots) and a pack of 10 blade replacements is $3.50. That's about $6 a year and $332 total going toward shaving products.

I know I'd much rather be spending that money on a vacation, home decor, or if you're super nerdy like me, maybe even investing it. Investing $4,668 in either family experiences on a vaca, paying off debt, or in a good growth stock mutual fund would do a whole lot more good for us than going toward razors!! Can I get an amen?!

Eco Roots also donates a portion of each sale to Ocean Conservancy.